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Friday, June 11, 2010

Another week down, Another one on it's way

So CF clinic sucked.
Then Wednesday sucked.
Now todays just...another day.

At clinic on Tuesday I had PFT's which showed that my lung functions dropped about 21%FEV1 ... which bites. So becasue of the fact that my lung functions dropped, I'm brining up stuff when I cough, and that I have increased pain, they made a new plan. I am now on 2 antibiotics. Inhaled Tobra, and oral Keflex. They also decreased my morphine because it suppresses my cough and I need to cough stuff up to get rid of the new chest infection. Because they dropped my morphine dose, they upped my Lyrica to 3 75mg pills instead of 2 75 mg pills twice a day -which brings me to why Wednesday sucked.

When I first got on Lyrics I was really dizzy when the medicine first got into my body. That whole first day I was crazy dizzy, I couldn't even walk without my mother holding me as I was walking. After I got use to that dose we moved it to 2 75mg pills, and my body just accepted it right away, no dizziness. I was on that dose for 3 weeks, then thats when they moved me to 3 pills. I guess because it was such a sudden change in dose, my body got the same dizziness, but it didn't kick in until I was at school. I was trying to write something for English because my teacher needed more marks for the class when the dizzy spell hit and I just sat there unable to focus on my sheet. Once I came home it was all I could do to sleep and lay around- so thats what I did.

That's all the last week has been... just a lot of sleep and catching up on lost sleeping time. Rest has been much needed, but I still feel completely drained, so it's time for more sleep.

cfprincess xxo

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