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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Time - Killed By Old 'Friends'

Hey sorry for the lack of posts.. life has been soo busy !
I only have time for a little update.. I'll leave more later.

About 2 weeks ago my pain doctor took me off of morphine and onto lyrica which was working awesome. Then 2 or 3 days off of morphine I started coughing non stop all night. The morphine basically also suppresses your cough .. so they put me back on a night dose to get rid of the cough. It worked and has continued working. But now somethings different..

Last Friday night I went to the Races with Dale. This time it was so much funner, It was dark out.. the cars were spinning around, cars were sparking... I kinda loved it :) But after the races we went down to his campground for the rest of the weekend.. It rained like the WHOLE time but it was still awesome, Especially when we were playing football. I'm not sure anyone else thought that it was as awesome as I did but when after running around I brought up gobs of 'green stuff' from my lungs I was kinda pumped! Only problem with that is that it left me sore. Again.

Now today I am going to CF clinic so I will be able to talk to everyone about whats been going on, then see what else they can pull out of their sleeve.

Right now I'll basically take any answer or fix that they can give me... I'm tired of all this stuff.. it's been months and I just want a fix.. even if it only lasts a bit and then I need a new fix, I could live with that, It's better then this isn't it?

On the plus side.. at least it's sunny today!

Now I'm off to Clinic.. wish me luck :) But just as one last thing... I wanna know what you would do if you were in my shoes.. maybe you can give me different insight.

cfprincess xxo

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